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Our tablecloths are designed for round and rectangular utility tables. When you buy one of our table coverings, you will love that it covers the unsightly top and legs of your utility table.

Utility tables are designed for function, without much regard for looks. That's why Macel and Company is helping people all over dress up their round and rectangular utility tables and get them party ready with our tablecloths and coverings! Each tablecloth covers the unsightly legs of utility tables, leaving only beautiful tablecloths in view. Our selection of table coverings includes a variety of colors and patterns, so you will be able to find table covers for every occasion.

Round and Rectangular Tablecloths for Everyday Use

The great think about our table covers is that you can use them everyday. Put our table coverings on your round utility table, and it is now fitting as a living room fixture. Our white basic table covers make a rectangular utility table a perfect desk for your home office. Our table coverings let you keep the functionality and versatility of your round and rectangular utility tables. Our table covers even magnify this functionality by creating a space for accessible, hidden storage.

Round and Rectangular Tablecloths for Party Use

Serving party food off of a round or rectangular utility table was never a good idea until now. Each of our tablecloths completely covers the unsightly round or rectangular utility tables and leaves you with only a beautiful setting for your food. You can buy round tablecloths in your team colors if you're hosting the game. You can also coordinate tablecloths and napkins for the complete look. For large gatherings, you can use our rectangular banquet table coverings and serve the whole crowd in style.

Round and Rectangular Tablecloths for Holiday Use

Our tablecloths and coverings come in patterns and colors perfect for the holidays. Your rectangular utility table will be patriotic dressed in our red, white and blue table covers. Your round utility table will be a perfect place for sipping hot cocoa when it is adorned by a mix of our white, red and green table covers and napkins. Halloween parties aren't complete without orange and black tablecloths coverings on your utility table. No matter the season, your round and rectangular utility tables can be festive with Macel and Company tablecloths and coverings!